Helpful Tips

Helpful Garage Door Tips

Here are some helpful tips to help make your garage door safer.  If not properly maintained garage doors can become dangerous to people, pets and property. Please Contact us before attempting any repair work.


  • Rollers- Listen for loud squeaking and watch for rollers that are dragging and not turning. Plastic or aluminum rollers should be replaced with sealed ball-bearing rollers. Never add lubrication to rollers.During the rains it would be necessary to save your steel garage door from getting soiled by the mud and dust. A nice measure would be to apply some car wax over the door which will also add some extra luster. 


  • Torsion Springs- Listen for “clanking” noise when door is opening.  Maintenance: purchase silicone spray and coat the springs every 3-6 months. (Do not use WD40 or white grease.) Typical 2-car garages should have 2 springs. If you have only one  *Click link below* to see our video about 1 vs. 2 springs.
  •  Las Vegas Garage Door Repair Gamble_Replace 1 door spring_


  • Spring cables- Watch for frayed cables. Never try to change cables while springs are fully wound. This can be extremely dangerous. Call a professional at once.


  • Arm attachment to Door- Check the attachment where the opener arm attaches to the garage door. Make sure the attachment bolts are tight and that the mechanism is not bending due to too much pressure. This indicates a spring problem or track obstruction.



  • Tracks- Keep tracks free of debris. Do not store any objects with in 3 ft or above the track system. Looks for bent track or loose bolts that attach track arms to walls.

 Grinding or scraping noises usually indicate a failing part or obstruction if your door begins to make an out of the ordinary sound it is best to call a professional and get a tune-up and evaluation.

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